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Riff Raff and Magenta Space Suits

So The Anal Retentive Rocky Horror Costume List just says “Good Luck.” and a couple of other notes for these suits. I took a ton of shots of these, and I’m fairly certain the two costumes are the same, except for size (the cut, the pattern of the squares and rectangles…everything looked the same). As far as the size is concerned…Riff’s suit looks much smaller on him than Magenta’s is on her. That’s probably because they didn’t adjust the length of the skirt for Richard O’Brien (he is 5’8” and Patricia Quinn is 5’4”). Also…he has verrry long legs.

(P.S. I was going to convert all this, but it’s hard to remember, so here’s a link to a conversion calculator for any of you metric people out there)

I’m pretty sure the black shoulder pieces are made of stiff, probably 1/2” or 3/4”, upholstery foam, covered with super-shiny black vinyl. At first I thought they might be some kind of plastic thing they found and cut apart, but you can see seams here:

Plus the way they bend and stay stiff at the same time…I think it has to be foam covered in fabric.

The main parts of the suit are quilted gold lamé. In the image below you can see that they’re probably backed with something black, either more lamé, or softer, non-shiny vinyl. These are probably sewn over regular quilting batting, since they look pretty flexible.

You can just barely see the back of the front skirt of Riff’s costume there. That’s the best shot I could get :(

Speaking of the back, here’s a good shot of the back of the costumes! Yay. The pattern of squares and rectangles they quilt them in is kind of random, so you’ll have to figure that out as you go along, using the pictures as a guide.

Exact same kind of nylons that everyone else is wearing. He only has two garter straps, and I think they might attach directly to the bottom of his undies…or his cover more than Brad’s and Rocky’s. Also I found a continuity error…or one of Riff’s garter straps fell off and they couldn’t go back and fix it. Check it out:

Here’s a shot from the other side:

The gloves are silver lamé and the black part is more of the same vinyl as the shoulder pieces. The trim is gold lamé.

For the lightning bolt I suggest a piece of cardboard covered in black vinyl. Make sure the vinyl overlaps and goes all the way around to the back, but you can probably hot-glue it. The other website says to pin it down…you can get glue-on jewelry pins at your craft store, and those can cover the place where the vinyl meets at the back. Speaking of the craft store, you can definitely find pieces for the belt there.

I’m not sure what the fabric that goes around the waist is, but here’s a good closeup shot just below…you guys can look and if anyone thinks they know send me a message and I’ll post it!

Below is a good side view of Magenta’s under-garments. I think that her undies have a higher cut, or she’s wearing a black dancer’s leotard underneath, and her garter belt is the same as the one she was wearing earlier (just a thin black elastic strap that goes around the hips).

This next one is for the boots. There are so few shots of their feet, but the boots are freaking great. I think you could easily convert a pair of black spike-heel pumps into these shoes using some black vinyl, gold lamé, and lots of hot glue and patience.

And as far as the hair is concerned…hold your horses because there’s a link coming out shortly.

These look hard to put together, even for a talented tailor. However…these people made some that look OK, so obviously it’s possible.

Alright I think that’s all I have to say about these ones.


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